Both-leg power measurements

means best-in-class accuracy

Advanced Newton 6 features

measure your aero drag

Dynamic Power Smoothing

makes it easy to hold a

constant power level

Find the best place in the peloton

with exclusive windspeed measures



White: Velocomp power; Green, SRM Power.  10 mile course with ascent, descent, and flats.  2.1% difference in measured average power.

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Every cyclist knows intuitively that wind, hills, rolling resistance and bike acceleration each affect the power required to pedal a bike. But how do these factors interact, and how do you ride smarter to master the natural forces that oppose you?

ONLY PowerPod and Newton power meters give you second-by-second wind and hill slope information–data that directly impacts your cycling power, data that tells you how to draft effectively in the peloton, climb a tough hill without fading, and complete a long ride without bonking.

Other cycling insights such as aerodynamic drag (CdA), left-right PowerStroke, and Effort Speed are optionally available for PowerPod and Newton.

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Isaac software for Mac or PC has been designed to take full advantage of the incredibly rich data provided by PowerPod and Newton sensors.

Use Isaac to review your ride information, learn more about your cycling tactics, even see detailed elevation, wind and hill slope information.NewtonSRMNice

If you own an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can optionally add maps and route information to your Velocomp power meter ride file, view your route in Isaac or Google Earth, and one-click send your information to Strava or TrainingPeaks.



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Upgrade bundles for your PowerPod or Newton add PowerStroke functionality.

Want to add GPS information to your riding?  The Newton Tracker key and your iPhone/Android smartphone adds GPS data to your PowerPod or Newton rides.

And if you own an older generation Newton (manufactured prior to October 2014), you can upgrade to incredible Newton 6 technology.



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PowerPod and Newton power meters broadcast high-accuracy power data to any ANT+ bike computer, such as Garmin.

And if you own any ANT+ heart rate strap, your Velocomp power meter reads those ANT+ signals.

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