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Out of the box, your PowerPod or Newton power meter offers great consistency and solid accuracy.  

But, if you wish you can fine-tune your setup with free ISAAC software (included), and dial-in your power meter even more, and for peak accuracy you can select and optional Cal Ride.  The choices are yours!




When you train with power you want your power display to show smooth numbers during long intervals, yet respond instantly to power surges when you sprint.  These two, seemingly contradictory demands are perfectly met by Dynamic Power Smoothing, an innovative feature exclusive to our PowerPod and Newton power meters.



Watch this video that shows how Dynamic Power Smoothing works in the Newton Power Cycling Computer, head-to-head against traditional power smoothing methods used by the Garmin 810:



Automatic Profile Selection makes it brain-dead easy to move your Velocomp power meter from bike-to-bike.  No buttons to push, no “profile numbers” to remember.  Your PowerPod or Newton power meter automatically figures out which bike you’re on…you just ride!

Watch Automatic Profile Selection in action in this short video:




PowerPod and Newton include new, advanced wind port designs. Our wind port, designed in collaboration with professional cycling teams, delivers superior performance in rain or shine:

1. The “big mouth” wind port captures more wind, making wind readings more accurate

2. The interior of the Newton’s wind port uses nano-coated materials, making it next to impossible for water to “stick” in the interior of the wind port.  

3.  PowerPod’s wind sensor builds on 11 years of experience to offer superior simplicity and rain resistance. 

4. The Newton’s wind port is vented, further improving the water resistance of the port

We’ve tested PowerPod and Newton in tropical rains, and its performance is incredible.



One of our most-requested features is added with Newton 6!  Use included ISAAC 4.0 software for Mac/PC to customize the fields you’d like to display on your Newton 6 screen.



Simple, easy, personal…



Training with a Velocomp power meter makes you a better cyclist, and optional feature upgrades such as PowerStroke extend even more your power training and racing capabilities.


Just as you get work to get better on the bike, we work constantly to innovate around our patented technology.   As we improve we will make our innovations available to all Velocomp product owners through software and firmware updates, and optional upgrades.


And unlike some others, our feature innovations come to you right-now through the Internet, not next month in packages mailed from Colorado or Germany.