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PowerHouse Bike for iOS, and PowerHouse for Android, is a power training app from Velocomp that works exclusively with PowerPod.

Activity tracker products such as Strava and Apple Watch estimate effort and energy expended based on speed and GPS elevation changes. In our experience they are pretty inaccurate—as much as 50% off. It’s difficult to work on improving your cycling performance when you can’t trust the numbers you’re seeing!

PowerHouse accurately quantifies your actual fitness activity, within 2%, because the app uses PowerPod’s watt measurement as the foundation for its plans and workouts. PowerHouse provides goal-oriented power-training plans and workouts, centered around your selected cycling fitness objective. A PowerHouse plan lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, with 3 to 6 power-training workouts per week. A Fitness Test (FTP Test) customizes the workouts to your current cycling ability.

PowerHouse includes six informative and fun workout plans to improve fitness and performance, designed by world renowned power cycling coach Hunter Allen.

Hunter has coached US Olympians and Tour de France riders, but mostly he coaches enthusiast cyclists who love to ride bikes. As a professional coach, Hunter knows that successful power training plans need to customize workouts to the cyclist’s current fitness level. Since the whole point of training is improved performance, a good plan (and a good coach) constantly update workouts according to the cyclist’s improving fitness. As you progress through a 4-6 week plan, PowerHouse algorithms adjust workout intensity according to your improving fitness. This ensures that each PowerHouse workout achieves maximum results.

PowerHouse app has 6 plans. Once you selest a plan you perform a Fitness/FTP test. Then, you can do the first workout of the plan for free.

Once you have found a plan you like, you purchase the full training plan for $0.99 via your app store. Each plan includes from 30 and 90 individual workouts, which span a period of four to six weeks. You will “own” the plan you purchase, so you can use it again and again.

If you are a fitness-oriented cyclist, here are PowerHouse plans that will interest you:

  • iSlim: Weight management and cardio fitness for lifestyle goals.
  • Express Fit: Quick, broad spectrum spinning class like workouts for busy individuals.
  • Brazilian Butt: Fat burning and muscle building for a shapely figure.

Competitive cyclists will benefit from these high-intensity PowerHouse training plans:

  • Weekend Warrior: Max results for cyclists who can ride only a few times a week
  • CycleMax: Demanding, pro-level, high-intensity training for performance minded cyclists.

Beginner cyclists will want to look at:

  • 0-20 Miles: Get off the couch and have fun building skills, fitness and endurance.
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