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PowerPod Lite

PowerPod Lite is our simplest power meter. Its sleek design is complemented by the simplest setup process we’ve ever offered.

Our PowerHouse Bike iOS/Android app helps you fine-tune settings of the PowerPod Lite–no computer required!

And best of all, with an incredible price of $199, PowerPod Lite delivers all these features without any compromise of its gold standard, both-leg power measurement performance.

PowerPod Lite works with any of your bikes

Unlike other power meters, PowerPod Lite works with ANY bike: road, MTB, TT, cross, gravel, tandem, fat, recumbent–you name it.

Unlike other power meters, PowerPod Lite doesn’t require you to change ANY component on any of your bikes.

How can PowerPod Lite do all of this? Watch this video to find out!

Pro Level Performance

PowerPod Lite doesn’t achieve its break-through price by using fewer sensors, or by measuring power from one leg only.

In fact, PowerPod Lite uses the same sensors and technology as its big-brother PowerPod V4, delivering both-leg, +/- 2% accuracy comparable to gold-standard power meters.

PowerPod Lite delivers the critical power meter features cyclists want, at an incredible price of $199:

  • High accuracy, +/- 2% power measurement of both legs
  • Works with any road, mountain, time trial, gravel or cross bike
  • Attaches to your handlebars; no swapping of any bike components!
  • Box to bike setup in 10 minutes
  • Compatibility with ANT+™ bike computers and popular smartphone apps

More than a Power Meter

PowerPod Lite not only measures how much power you produce, but WHY you are producing it.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures hill slope, telling you the steepness of the hill you’re climbing.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures wind speed. On windy days you’ll not only know your power, but also the strength of the wind is you’re fighting.

With your Garmin bike computer and our exclusive AeroPod CdA app, you can see, while you ride, real-time reports of slope and wind speed as measured by your PowerPod Lite. No other power meter, at any price, provides this useful information!

How Does PowerPod Lite Do All This?

PowerPod Lite’s unique, patented suite of digital sensors provides measurements no other power meter can:

  • Accelerometer measures 800 times per second, providing accurate and instantaneous power and hill slope readings
  • Wind sensor measures the wind slowing you down, whether you’re riding solo or in a group
  • Barometric pressure sensor measures your elevation profile and also helps with calibration of other sensors
  • ANT+ speed sensor (not included) measures your bike speed–much more accurately than GPS bike speed

PowerPod technology, perfected over 15 years of real-world use, translates sensor readings into dependable, accurate power measurement.

PowerPod Lite Design

  • PowerPod Lite has just one button and one “status light”.
  • New, fast-start setup takes you from box to bike in 10 minutes. Attach to your bike with the included GoPro mount, pair to your ANT+ bike sensor and bike computer, then ride!
  • New iOS/Android app for PowerPod Lite customizes settings, and also delivers power training plans
  • ANT+™ bike computers display and record PowerPod Lite power, and other cycling measurements.
  • ConnectIQ app for compatible Garmin bike computers displays wind speed, slope and power readings
  • PowerPod Lite stores the first 10 minutes of each ride in its internal memory. This ride information, displayed with included Isaac software for PC/Mac, is used for diagnostics only, as needed.

No other power meter comes close to matching the $199 MSRP of PowerPod Lite. And remember: PowerPod Lite measures the forces of BOTH legs–it doesn’t reduce save money by using fewer or lower quality sensors, or by measuring only one leg’s power.


As you become an accomplished “power user” (pun intended), you can upgrade your PowerPod Lite to add advanced features such 60-second swap between four different bikes; power training programs from renowned coach Hunter Allen; full Isaac software post-ride analysis of your complete rides; PowerStroke pedaling analysis, and GPS integration.

Simple Setup

Installing PowerPod Lite is super-simple. There’s no swapping out wheels, pedals or bottom brackets; who needs the hassle? Using the included GoPro-style mount, attach PowerPod Lite on the handlebars of your bike. Pair it to your ANT+ speed sensor and bike computer, then ride. That’s all there is to it!

  • Attach PowerPod Lite to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!).
  • Pair PowerPod Lite to your bike computer’s ANT+™ speed or speed/cadence sensor.
  • Pair PowerPod Lite to your Garmin or other ANT+™ bike computer.
  • Go Ride!  PowerPod Lite will automatically calibrate itself during the first 90 seconds of each of your rides.  You don’t have to push any buttons, but you will have to push on your pedals 🙂

PowerPod Lite is available now!

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