Most power meters will send their power data to your ANT+ bike computer or your favorite Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) cycling app. But PowerPod is the only power meter also that records internally, second by second, its raw sensor data. Isaac software for Mac and PC reads PowerPod sensor data, letting you understand your power in a whole new way.

Every cyclist knows intuitively that wind, hills, rolling resistance and bike accelerations affect power while on a bike. But the real question is how do these factors interact? How can you ride smarter and trainer harder against these natural forces? Let us introduce Isaac. The Isaac Software is the “Brains” behind the PowerPod and has been designed to take full advantage of all the data provided by PowerPod sensors. Using Isaac you can review your cycling ride data, including power, speed, environmental information such as elevation, wind speed, and hill slope.

The power you produce each instant of your cycling is the RESULT of the changing ride conditions on the road: hills, wind, acceleration, road roughness, and more. Isaac software analyzes, second by second, PowerPod’s incredibly accurate wind, slope, and elevation information, for each of your rides.

What this means for a rider:

Group Ride

When you ride in a group, Isaac shows when you were drafting (wind speed is less than bike speed) and when you were pulling (wind speed comparable to bike speed). It shows you how many extra watts it takes when you ride at the front of the pack, and how long your pulls are.

1. This racer led and was out in front pushing the pace. Look at the “Flames”.

2. In the blue highlight, this shows that bike speed is the same as wind speed. This racer did a lot of work.

3. While this racer is a strong rider, they spent their energy at the front and in the finale. The
racer didn’t have enough gas left in the tank, therefore was passed.


When you’re climbing, just how steep is the toughest part of your climb, and where is it?

Isaac shows you with precision accuracy, graphically and numerically in its main window and, if you like, on Google Earth.

High Intensity Training

When you do high intensity power training, Isaac shows you where you did your intervals, for how long, and under what wind and slope conditions.

After your ride, Isaac’s “Check Calibration” feature analyzes your ride file and, if needed, corrects any calibration issues that occurred during the ride. You’ll never have to worry about inaccurate power data!

The best cyclists do more than just produce lots of watts; they also ride smarter.

Isaac includes analytical tools that help you become a smarter cyclist:

Measures the economy and efficiency of your pedaling stroke. Isaac translates your pedal stroke data into wasted watts, wasted energy, wasted motion, and wasted time.

CdA Analysis

Analyze CdA shows your aerodynamic drag at each point of your ride. How much more aero are you when you ride in a time trial position? Isaac quantifies the improvement.

Time Advantage and Distance Advantage metrics tell you the amount of time/distance you gain (or lose) because of changing your ride position.

Training Stress Score (TSS)

Training Stress Score (TSS), Intensity Factor (IF), and Normalized Power (NP) metrics are computed for each of your rides.


Isaac software for Mac/PC, downloadable below, helps you get the most out of your training. Isaac gives you detailed information and insights about your ride–information that no other power meter can provide.

Isaac software also lets you update your AeroPod, PowerPod and Newton firmware–the computer program that runs your power meter electronics.




MAC USERS ONLY: if you have a Velocomp device manufactured prior to December 1, 2019 AND you are using Isaac/Mac/5.1, then to download ride files you will need to purchase an Isaac/Mac unlock key. If you’re not sure if you need an unlock key, install Isaac/Mac/5.1, connect your device to Isaac, and then try to download a ride file. If you see the message below, “This device has not yet been unlocked to enable ride downloads…” you will need to purchase a Mac download key for your Velocomp device:


FOR PC/MAC USERS WHO HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED ISAAC If you’ve installed Isaac previously, get the latest version Isaac software using the “Help/Check Online for Software Update…” feature located in the “Help/Check Online for Software Update” menu of Isaac.

AEROPOD, POWERPOD AND NEWTON FIRMWARE UPDATES Get the latest innovations available for your AeroPod, PowerPod and Newton. Connect your AeroPod/PowerPod/Newton to Isaac and use the “Device/Check Online for Firmware Update…” command to obtain the latest version of firmware available for your Device.