AeroPod® V5

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AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5
AeroPod<sup>®</sup> V5

Now MADE IN USA: AeroPod V5

AeroPod V5 has new sensors, more accurate data recording, and simpler setup

  • A new 24 bit wind sensor, designed and manufactured exclusively for Velocomp, provides better and higher resolution wind measurements
  • A new 24 bit barometric pressure sensor provides more accurate elevation measurement
  • New Firmware 9 (factory installed) uses 24 bit data to deliver better CdA measurement accuracy
  • Firmware 9 also features a new "Aero Test" mode that delivers excellent CdA accuracy and test-to-test consistency
  • New Velocomp app for iOS/Android lets you set up as many as four bikes from your smartphone, without using Isaac software
  • Velocomp app also includes a bike computer screen displaying instantaneous and average power, speed, calories, distance, cadence, and also a graphical display of your zone % FTP
  • AeroPod also functions as a stand-alone power meter for any bike

All new AeroPod V5 features add to the already-impressive list of AeroPod features and benefits.

One Device, all the data.

  • High accuracy, +/- 2%, CdA measurement
  • CdA information displayed on any compatible Garmin bike computer/watch
  • Works with any road, mountain, time trial, gravel, and cross bike
  • Other bikes too: tandem, recumbent, folding, you name it!
  • No swapping bike components
  • Box to bike setup in 10 minutes
  • ANT+™ compatibility
  • Transmits power data to ANT+ bike computers and to many popular iOS/Android cycling apps

The best-selling CdA aero sensor on the market.

  • CdA measurement with any ANT+ Direct force power meter (DFPM)
  • "Training/Racing" mode for live measurement of aero drag (CdA)*
  • On-the-road, live "Time Advantage" mesurement
  • "CdA Test" mode for optimizing aero ride position, bike equipment, accessories, clothing*
  • AeroPod stores raw data for after-the-ride analysis with Isaac software
  • Isaac analysis software for PC included

AeroPod works with ANT+™ devices

AeroPod CdA/slope/wind/Time Advantage/Power is displayed with free "AeroPod 2.0" ConnectIQ app for Garmin Connect IQ compatible computers and watches.

AeroPod power is displayed on compatible ANT+ bike computers and smartphone apps

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AeroPod comes in 2 different models. Use this chart to help you learn more and compare each product.

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*Requires PowerPod Lite to PowerPod ANT+™ / Smartphone UPGRADE

Lite (--)
PowerPod V5®
V5 ($429)
V5 ($499)
Both-leg power measurement
ANT+™ / smartphone compatible
Smartphone setup
Bike profiles allowed per device 1 4 4 4
Velocomp Isaac Software Analysis OPTIONAL*
Pitot tube wind measurement OPTIONAL
Powerstroke Analysis OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Live "CdA Training" mode
Live "CdA Test" mode
Isaac CdA Analysis software

What’s in the box

  • AeroPod sensor and pitot tube
  • Mount for round, 31.8 mm handlebars
  • USB cable
  • Download link to Isaac Software
  • Warranty

Additional items required, not supplied

  • For CdA/slope/wind display, a Garmin ConnectIQ-compatible bike computer or watch with free ConnectIQ "AeroPod 2.0" app installed 
  • For power display, ANT+ bike computer or smartphone with compatible cycling app installed
  • Direct Force Power Meter (DFPM) for CdA measurements
  • ANT+™ or ANT/BLE speed sensor (ANT+ cadence sensor optional but recommended)
  • USB charger

NOTE: International shipments may be subject to additional duty/VAT, collected locally and not included in the shipping charge.




All Velocomp products are designed, assembled, and shipped from the USA, letting us make you this promise: if you’re not delighted with your purchase you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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DC Rainmaker: "Overall, I’ve found that the PowerPod can be solidly accurate in most situations, assuming you are aware of the limitations – or aware of changes to configuration that could impact it. Further, it’s ability to seemingly ‘heal’ itself does act as a bit of a safety net should the aerodynamic profile change significantly enough to otherwise impact power readers. I’d sum it up as: If you do a clean calibration ride – things are impressively accurate across a wide range of riding environments and positions."

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The Chain Link: "...So what’s the verdict on this thing? Is it possible to get good power data for less than half the cost of the next thing on the market? Yeah, sure. The PowerPod proved to be a consistent (and surprisingly durable) performer in a variety of conditions, some of which it was never intended for..."

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The 5k runner: "...considerably cheaper than a direct force power meter and easily swappable between bikes.....Perfect for the beginner and multi-bike owner. Perfect for the expert too. … you can work out how to tweak your riding position if you think about it. Cool."

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