Isaac/Mac 64 bit download unlock key

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Isaac/Mac 64 bit download unlock key
Isaac/Mac 64 bit download unlock key
Isaac/Mac 64 bit download unlock key

IMPORTANT: Isaac/Mac is not compatible with macOS 11.5+ (the most recent versions of Big Sur).  This key does not "fix" this problem.

NOTICE: Isaac/Mac is not compatible with Macs using the new "M1" chip.  This key does not correct this problem.

IMPORTANT: If your Velocomp product was manufactured after December 1, 2019, you do not need to purchase this key!

Who is this key intended for?  If you own an Intel Mac, are using macOS 11.4 or prior (Catalina and original versions of Big Sur), AND your Velocomp device was manufactured prior to December 1, 2019, then you will need this key.

How can you check to see if the key is right for you?  If you've upgraded your Intel-based Mac to macOS Catalina/Big Sur 11.4 or prior, you may have found out (the hard way) that your older version of Isaac/Mac (version 4 or prior) no longer works. You'll see a message like this one: 

Why do older versions of Isaac/Mac no longer run?  macOS Catalina/Big Sur does not support 32 bit apps and, unfortunately, older versions of Isaac/Mac are 32 bit apps.

After doing a lot of work (and spending a lot of $) we have created a 64 bit version of Isaac/Mac, version 5.1, compatible with macOS 11.4 or prior!

Isaac/Mac 5.1 is a free download that allows you to setup your device, manage your profiles, and update your device's firmware (just as Isaac always has).


Here is how this key works:

1) Download and install Isaac/Mac 5.1, from here.  This is a free download.

2) Make sure you follow EXACTLY the installation instructions for Isaac.  You can install Isaac/Mac without charge, and its basic functions will operate as usual.

3) Connect your device to Isaac/Mac and get its serial number ("Device/SN-FW Version").  Copy your serial number.

4) Look at the first six digits of the serial number; this is the manufacturing date of your device in mo/day/yr format.  If the serial number is a date prior to 12/01/19, then your device needs the unlock key for 64 bit Isaac/Mac.

5) Purchase the Isaac 64 bit upgrade, and include the serial number of your device in the purchase notes window.  NOTE: if you have more than one Velocomp device, send us the serial numbers of each of them.  We will provide individual unlock keys for each of them, at no extra charge.

6) We will email you the 64 bit upgrade key, which will unlock all of the download and analysis features of Isaac/Mac

7) To learn how to install your key, click here

8) To confirm that your unit has the key installed, go to "Device/Unlock Feature/Get Unlock Status".  You will see "64 bit Isaac Upgrade" listed


1) This upgrade key is NOT required for Isaac/Windows

2) If your Mac is running macOS Mojave or earlier, you do NOT need to purchase the download key.  Only after you update to macOS Catalina/Big Sur will you (possibly) need to purchase the download key--see note 3) below.

3) PowerPod and AeroPod products with serial number manufacturing dates of December 1 2019 or later already have the 64bit key installed--for these units the Isaac/Mac download key is NOT REQUIRED

4) Isaac/Mac is not compatible with macOS 11.5+ (the most recent versions of Big Sur).  This key does not "fix" this problem.

5) Isaac/Mac is not compatible with Macs using the new "M1" chip.  This key does not correct this problem.




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